06 March 2013

I'm Back In Love With Project Runway

Are you guys watching Project Runway this season? I haven't watched the show in ages but Sarah got me interested in it again and I'm really into it now, almost as much as I used to be!

I have to say, though - I feel like the caliber of talent isn't quite as high as it was in the earlier seasons. Has the fashion talent well run dry? (No way.) Are gifted designers scared away by reality TV? Are the designers this season just not being given the right kinds of challenges? Am I just being too critical?

Anyway - I noticed something cool while watching the most recent episode (S13E6). In the hair and makeup room, which is sponsored by L'Oreal, some of the fixtures are made up of L'Oreal products.

The frame around the mirror here is made up of L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows:

And it looks like the little side table (?) in the background is made up of bottles of Elnett hairspray:

Kinda neat, no? I wonder if there are other fixtures in that room made up of products as well. I watched that scene a couple of times but didn't see anything else. I'll have to remember to check during the upcoming episodes.

Also, can we just talk about Michelle's necklace here for a second? Because it is amazing and I love it and I want one.

I'm not really into that kind of leather and bondage-rings look for myself personally, but her necklace is super cool and doesn't feel all that bondage-y. It's so neat. Also, LOL Patricia. She needs to pack her bags and GO already.

You can watch full episodes of Project Runway for free at http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway.

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