07 December 2012

Friday Five

Back on schedule!
  1. I like that Kat Von D is pretty into handmade stuff. Her taste is a little too steampunk-y for me, but I appreciate her appreciation for indie artists on Etsy (and elsewhere). Did you know that Courtney Love is also a big Etsy buyer? Back before they made it private I remember clicking through pages and pages of her feedback and thinking about how cool it would be if Courtney Love were to buy something from me on Etsy.
  2. Bill Murray on the last time he ever saw Gilda Radner.
  3. "The squirrels in our neighborhood are out of control chubby. Look at his wee gut hanging over the edge of the bucket." I lol'd.
  4. Look at this hexagonal glitter manicure! I don't know that I'd have the patience to pull that off. I'd probably lose my sanity and sight like that artist guy who made a sculpture on the head of a pin? Idk, I heard that somewhere. Oh, speaking of...
  5. ...have you seen this sculpture of Betty Boop inside the eye of a needle? The sculpture is INSIDE THE EYE OF A NEEDLE. In case you didn't catch that.

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