27 November 2012

Sick Days

Things have been quiet around here lately. That's because, as I do just about every holiday season, I've been battling a pretty nasty cold for the past week. I pretty much spent 5 days in bed working my way through 2 and a half seasons of "The Walking Dead" while feeling like the walking dead.

So, 1 Large bottle of NyQuil, 1/4 Jar of  Lip Medex, most of a bag of Ricola cough drops, 1/2 Box of Kleenex, and 1 package of Biscoff cookies later, I'm back at work, still coughing and crabby, but present (mostly).

A not-so great side effect of my mandatory "vacation" is that my to-do list is about 8 miles long. It's so long that I just keep adding things to my google doc and then immediately closing the file because it's too scary to look at. So if I owe you anything - an email, a hangout, a kidney - you might want to remind me!

Tonight's plans include hacking away at some of the easier things on my to-do list, then settling in with Grace Coddington's newly released biography and a huge cup of tea. And maybe an episode of "The Walking Dead." Do you watch this show? I'm almost caught up (I think I'm on Season 3 Episode 4) and my goodnessssss. It's no "Breaking Bad" but it's still a goodie.

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