04 October 2012

nail polish review: orly "space cadet"

i was scrolling through ontd the other day and came across this post about the e! "mani cam" at the emmys a couple weeks ago (dumb or kind of awesome?) where people started commenting with what they were currently wearing on their nails. someone posted that they were wearing m.a.c's mean and green and i instantly fell in love but then got really sad when i realized that i'd clearly chosen to buy the wrong polish from that collection. i bought formidable! instead of mean and green and i'm only so-so on it. luckily i found out that there is a dupe for mean and green - orly space cadet. so naturally that meant that i immediately ran to ulta to find it and was so happy when i spotted it on the shelf!

it's a duochrome which means it changes color depending on how the light hits it. i was hoping it would be more pink and green like the photo on ontd but it seems to lean more purple. that's okay though because it's really gorgeous!

these photos are with three days of wear and so far it's chip-free (as orly polishes generally are for me). there is a little minor tip wear but then again i don't wrap my tips because i am layyyzeeee, so.

as always, i used my favorite sally hansen base coat and seche vite top coat.

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