05 October 2012

friday five

  1. i never knew there was anything in marfa, tx besides that fake prada storefront, but now i want to visit.
  2. is pinterest killing feminism? (my answer to that question is 'no', btw).
  3. "Pinterest's user-generated content, which overwhelmingly emphasizes recipes, home decor, and fitness and fashion tips, feels like a reminder that women still seek out the retrograde, materialistic content that women's magazines have been hawking for decades — and that the internet was supposed to help overcome."
    is it anti-feminist for women to be interested in things like recipes, home decor, fitness and fashion tips? what if one genuinely likes those things and at the same time is able to recognize why those things are sometimes problematic?
  4. hi, this woman is my new hero. can we please but the kibosh on concern trolling?
  5. a really interesting article about monarch butterflies featuring a lovely illustration by the super-talented susie ghahremani.
  6. i am so, so, soooooooooooo thankful that none of my bffs would even DREAM of behaving like this when it comes to their wedding (or otherwise!).

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