02 October 2012

the things i love: witch city wicks

i might be in love with the candles from witch city wicks in salem, ma.

i first learned about witch city wicks last christmas when my friend amy gifted me with one of their small glass jar candles in the "egg nog" scent. i can't remember what she said word-for-word when i opened it, but i think it basically amounted to "i know, a candle, but seriously, these are amazing."

and she was totally right! i love this candle so much that i only light it sparingly unlike my other, cheaper candles that i light and forget about, only to come back and find nothing but a small puddle of sad wax and a burnt and knobby wick. the scent is really strong but not overwhelmingly or sickeningly so, and it burns so evenly! i'm really fussy (hello, virgo!) which means i'm one of those people who will push the wax around if i see my candle melting only on one side, which also means i'm one of those people who ruins candles by messing with them. but i don't have to worry about that with these babies - they burn perfectly evenly, soothing my fussy virgo soul.

i had one of their black series candles on my wishlist (OBVIOUSLY) for months and finally treated myself when they vended at the BBB's union made fair over the summer. i haven't lit it yet (because it's so preciousssss!!!) but every once in awhile i open it, sniff it, sigh, consider lighting it, and then decide to "save it for later". idk, this is just what i do when i love something so much. use it? no, saaaaaaaave ittttt!

i might just give in and light it because witch city wicks will be vending at the BBB's winter event on december 16th and i can totally treat myself again.

in conclusion - their candles are awesome, buy one for yourself, and if you give one as a gift and the recipient happens to give you a blank look, just tell them "i know, a candle, but seriously, these are amazing."

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