17 October 2012

Goodbye, Have Fun in LA, and Be Good

I'm really excited - I just stopped by the post office and my first chiffon bow is now on its way to L.A.!

When I first decided to make these, I was a bit worried that maybe they were a little too basic. But then I thought, you know? Basic is good. Every time I make one of my collars I kind of obsess over the chiffon tie part, and so I really thought it would work well on its own and I think I was right.

My philosophy lately is to just create items that I really enjoy and believe that they will eventually find their audience. It's much more satisfying than trying to guess what other people would want to buy and becoming frustrated when the items don't catch on like you'd hoped, or trying to stay on top of trends that might not necessarily be your style, just for the sake of making a sale.

I much prefer the idea of creating something that I really love and then finding a connection with someone else (no matter how brief!) who "gets it". It's such a great feeling. And I know that I really love these because it was a little difficult for me to say goodbye to it when I was packing it up. It's kind of a funny thing to get attached to the things you make but hey, it happens (and it's good motivation to keep creating).

Anyway, next on my to-do list is to finish making these scarves in some other colors. Colors! Yes, really. I'm looking forward to having some burgundy, pink, and purple in my Etsy shop :)

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