15 October 2012

Friday Five

  1. brian mercury, executive pastry chef at harvest in cambridge, hand-makes his own sea salt for his amazing sounding/looking desserts (i want to try them!). simple, but woah. so cool.
  2. 15 bad beauty habits to break. i'm guilty of many of these, especially #13. i really want to break the daily shampoo habit, but i can't get past the unwashed greasy stage!
  3. i love this "expected vs reality" view of fashion week. that last photo of the bloggers & photographers swarming around anna dello russo blew my mind a little bit.
  4. i love this project! make handy, plain clothespins cute with a little paint and some washi tape.
  5. karl lagerfeld explains how to use that giant, insane hula hoop bag. stick a chanel bag in the sand. right, herr lagerfeld, sure.

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