19 October 2012

Friday Five

  1. DIY for a little rolling platform to put stacks of magazines/books (or whatever else!) on so it can be moved for cleaning, etc. i have a perfect space and a need for one of these. i know what i'm doing this weekend!
  2. i love love love this video from chanel about the history of chanel N°5. everything about it is so perfect and the story is quite interesting, too.
  3. urban outfitters is selling some lisa frank dead stock and it's kind of amazing. even more amazing is this video interview with the actual lisa frank.
  4. how to make homemade sriracha. i mean, it's easier/cheaper to just buy a bottle of it, but make some from scratch and impress your friends!
  5. the most popular series of hermès scarves is designed by a postman in waco, tx.

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