31 October 2012

DIY: Zipper Jersey Shirt/Dress

I've been wanting to try this zipper tee/dress tutorial for ages and I finally got around to doing it!

I found two really nice zippers and some soft, solid black jersey (I bought 1 yard).

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to finagle the zippers to get them to do what I wanted, but I managed somehow. After that, it just took a few passes through my sewing machine and a little snipping of extra fabric here and there, and I had myself a new dress!

Ummmm please ignore the mess that is my studio.

I think it came out pretty nicely. The edges are all unfinished, which is something that is nice about working with jersey. I've only worn it once and my only complaint is that the zippers were scratchy and kind of hurt my shoulders! I might sew some fabric to the underside to keep that from happening, which also will probably help to keep the zippers from unzipping while it's being worn.

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