26 October 2012

Friday Five

  1. 28 vintage flyers from the Scholastic and other book fairs! OMG you guys, when I was little I used to lose my damn MIND when the book fair came around. It was the greatest part of elementary school, I swear.
  2. I'm always on the hunt for the best to-do list app/site, and Wunderlist is pretty close to perfect, but it's not quiiiiite there for me. Nitro looks similar but maybe slightly less busy than Wunderlist, and I might give it a try next.
  3. Estée of essiebutton has quickly become one of my favorite beauty bloggers! Her videos are so entertaining and she is totally hilarious and I truly trust her judgment when it comes to what's good and what isn't in the dizzying world of beauty products.
  4. Can I please have Dita Von Teese's mirrored vanity and actually all of her mirrored furniture for that matter? Because they are amazing.
  5. Michelle Obama makes sure Jimmy Kimmel remembers to vote (watch the video at the bottom). I love our first lady <3

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