02 November 2012

Friday Five

  1. I'd like to highlight this first link! 

    Gather Here, an amazing independent fabric, yarn, and fibers store & stitch lounge in Cambridge, MA is hosting a raffle to raise funds to benefit the Red Cross' Superstorm Sandy relief. There will be a whole bunch of amazing. handmade prizes in the raffle, all kindly donated by some amazing independent artists. I'm teaming up with Alison of sewmaryann and we're donating a fancy duo prize - a MARGRAVINE pink chiffon scarf and a MARGRAVINE x sewmaryann sparkly silver glitter bow headband, which is from a special new collaboration between Alison and I (they're not even available yet!)!

    All of the important information about the raffle can be found on Gather Here's post, and a list of all of the prizes with photos will be posted on Tuesday, Nov 6th (Election Day! Don't forget to vote!), so be sure to check back at the GH blog on that day.

    Huge thanks to Virgina and all at Gather Here for organizing this. Fingers crossed that the fundraiser hits (and exceeds!) the $4000.00 goal <3
  2. Sorting the real Sandy photos from the fakes. Pretty much posting this just for the last photo.
  3. A totally fascinating time-lapse video of the storm rolling through NYC from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning taken from the 51st floor of the New York Times building.
  4. For those with books damaged by Sandy, or any other storm -  how to recover water damaged books.
  5. And to end this F5 on a happy note - Mama Biscuit dressed up for Halloween as Björk in her infamous swan dress.

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