18 July 2012

camp camping 2012

i am sad to report that due to the unfortunate fact that my iphone camera decided to kick the bucket on saturday, i don't have any photos from my camping trip last weekend.

your camping WHAT? you ask?

YES. it's true, i went camping over the weekend.

i might not have any photographic proof, but i was there, i swear. i sucked it up and did it because even though i hate bugs and dirty feet and minimal bathroom facilities and no showers, I LOVE MY FRIENDS. it's more fun to hang out with them and be dirty and itchy and uncomfortable than to not hang out with them and be sitting at home being all "hey i wonder how camping is going."

and it was fun! we cooked amazing food (i mostly watched and ate), swam in a river AND a pond, ate ice cream, read short stories around the campfire, visited sarah's dad (who makes a mean garden salad), and megan braided my hair.

a+ awesome camping weekend, even though i was only there for 24 hours, full disclosure.

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  1. I'm so glad you camp camping camped with us! <3<3<3