13 July 2012

friday five

  1. hamsters eating spaghetti. best.
  2. KALE PESTO!! i totally want to try this. yay for leafy greens!
  3. i loooooove this video that shows a little peek into chanel's intricate jewelrymaking process (via sea of ghosts).
  4. a farewell letter written by marie antoinette just 8 hours before she was beheaded.
  5. a nyt book reviewer makes a critical error in a review, which devastates the novel's author but leads to a pretty awesome exchange between one of the novel's characters and an irl nyt staffer.

    i love this part:
    But perhaps even more interesting than all of this: How many ghost relationships do you have? I am drawn to them and like to ask people about theirs. Chat rooms? What are they, and what do they mean? Is it the Internet or something else? Subway eyes. People you’ve only met through email, or Facebook or Twitter? Authors you’ve read whom you may very well love, and I mean actually love, even though they’re dead? People who’ve commented on something you’ve done having never seen your face? People from afar who’ve changed your life? A customer service rep who somehow made your day, a random H.R. person who ruined your year? Even that lady on the On Star commercials — have you ever thought about her?

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