20 July 2012

friday five

  1. elton john remembers ryan white. i was a little bit too young when this whole thing was going on to really understand what was happening, and looking back on it as an adult, i'm so saddened by the way the boy was treated.
  2. this stop-motion animation of sushi is hypnotizing and looks delicious.
  3. genetically modified corn makes lab rats fat. i really don't want to eat any of that stuff, nor eat anything that's eaten any of that stuff. too bad it's probably in EVERYTHING :(
  4. for the 30th anniversary of the classic series "scary stories to tell in the dark", they've replaced the original artwork by stephen gammell with new illustrations by brett helquist and i really feel like they messed with perfection. brett helquist's work is really well done, but the original illustrations were so integral to those stories.
  5. “Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in Boston. You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion.” darn right, mr mayor.
this F5 was a little heavier than usual. sorry to be a buzzkill!

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