12 September 2011

on birthdays

i had one! on friday, in fact. it was amazing! i keep saying it, but i can't stress it enough - i have the best friends in the entire world!

you see, i hate my birthday. i also hate new year's eve. both of those "events" feel like the end of something, rather than the beginning of something (glass half empty, etc. etc.). i always spend the entire month before my birthday ignoring the fact that the date is impending, only to wait so long that it becomes too late to plan anything, and then i feel disappointed.

this year, i left the planning to amy, who i am officially appointing to the position of "MINISTER OF JEN'S BIRTHDAYS" from here on. (just kidding! ...maybe.) the night was perfect and full of great surprises and delicious food and yummy drinks and FUN. i also received the perfect presents from friends and family - makeup and macarons and chocolate and tea! i realized that almost everything i received was either from europe or europe-themed. like i said, PERFECT :)

i'm so excited to try my new makeup! i've really been looking forward to trying items from the latest chanel collection, including the "peridot" polish and illusion d'ombre eyeshadow in "epatant" and now they are MINE ALL MINE! here's a video featuring some of the items from the collection. i could watch these all day:

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