01 September 2011

i got a hamster!

it sort of happened by accident!

i went to petco over the weekend and happened to see this little guy:

he's fancy, from europe, and has black fur. COME ON NOW.

of course i wanted to impulse-buy him, but i thought it would be better for the both of us if i slept on it over the weekend. so of course, that meant that i went back to the pet store on monday afternoon, and luckily he was still there!

on the way home in the car he started to chew through his takeout box:

but i taped up the hole while i put his cage together and everything was fine.

the first thing he did when he got in his cage was eat! i thought that was probably a good sign:

his cage is sort of small, so on tuesday after work, i went and bought some things to put together a "playpen" for him. he seems to like it! he squeaks and runs around like a maniac in there:

ham cam 1 from jennifer ferreira on Vimeo.

so far i've found out that he really likes lettuce, and last night i gave him a grape, which he also seemed pretty psyched about:

remember to stay hydrated!

he squeaks a lot, especially when he's in his playpen, and i'm still not really sure what that means yet. here's a good example of his squeaking:

ham cam 2 from jennifer ferreira on Vimeo.

i've read mixed reviews about squeaking, but overall, he seems pretty happy, so i'm not too worried.

oh, and i've named him bill hamlitz but have been mostly calling him "hammie."


  1. SO CUTE!!! Love his little hands. Hamster accident = hampsterdent? Congrats!