05 December 2011

the good, the bad, and the ugly

the good:
  • i sold 9 pieces (of 21) which was 9 more than i expected to sell
  • the people who purchased them were SO excited about them
  • other people who didn't make a purchase still seemed to like them a lot
  • i got a ton of compliments on how nicely/perfectly they were constructed (validates all the distress experienced during my time in the fashion dept at massart)
  • everyone was SO nice (vendors, volunteers and shoppers included!)
  • my mix cd got played TWICE by accident
  • lunch delivery was brilliant and delicious
  • i got to hang out with my best friends, who are all so creative and kind and amazing

the bad:
  • i forgot to take any photos of my table (or pretty much any photos at all) (hi if you have a photo/s of my table would you please send them to me?)
  • i forgot to get a custom poster from repeat press
  • we forgot to put out the disco ball
  • a bunch of people who said they would come did not
  • i let someone borrow my favorite pen and never got it back
  • i tore a hole in the arm of my favorite sweatshirt on a nail at the front desk
  • i got a $55 parking ticket from parking in a spot that turned to valet in the evening

the ugly:
  • nothing and no one! everything and everyone looked pretty amazing not gonna lie. especially these ladies...


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