02 August 2012

this is a nail polish post

OPI, are you for REAL with these names? because i'm dying.

i wish i liked these colors more because i would be ALL OVER this collection based on the theme alone. i'll probably at least end up getting "danke-shiny red" (hahaha, that NAME!) because i'm a sucker for a good red polish.

also, are you also for real, china glaze? i have to wait until SPRING 2013 for your "hologlam" holographic collection!!?! do i look like someone with that kind of patience?!

source: the gloss menagerie
these look so, so amazing. i've been looking for a good holographic polish and they seem to be kind of hard to find. i can't wait until these come out! i hope i'm still as excited about them by then.

lastly, i tried doing freehand leopard print nails last week and i think they came out great! i think this is one of the first nail tutorials where the technique was pretty much just as easy to execute as advertised.

i followed this tutorial and i used some old paper embossing tools i had lying around as dotting tools because they're basically the same thing. i really love the way this looks and i think i'll try out some other color combos.

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  1. "Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine" is HILARIOUS.

    Nail polish companies are so weird.