06 August 2012

the color run 2012

the problem with doing so many awesome things is that it's difficult to find the time to update about all the awesome things you're doing. but hey, i guess that's a good thing!

a week ago saturday, a few friends and i ran a 5k called the color run. it was my first 5k and i think it was a good introductory "race" for me (race is in quotations because the run wasn't actually timed or anything like that. it wasn't even technically 5k haha.)

megan, marissa, amy and i got up super early on saturday and drove up to amesbury for the run. we were only working on about 4 hours of sleep because we'd stayed up pretty late the night before at sarah's olympics opening ceremony party (no regrets).

we had to wait a couple of hours until they finally began the run at 10am, and then we were off in the first wave of 1000 runners out of 11,000 runners total. eleven thousand!!

the run really was fun. at certain intervals (at every kilometer, i guess?), volunteers would throw and spray colored powder at us and our white t-shirts. by the end, we looked a little bit like jawbreakers.

the finish line was at the amesbury sports park where they had plenty of water and juice and granola bars waiting for us. we hung out for a while with some of the other runners and got even more coated with colored powder. after about a half an hour, we decided we were filthy and tired and we'd had enough fun and wanted to go home. unfortunately, there was a bad accident on the highway which caused the shuttles taking us back to the parking lots to be very slow in picking us up, so we had to wait another hour or so in line in the blazing sun with a million sweaty, crabby runners (the 4 of us were all somehow in good moods, though!) before we finally made it back to the car.

i'm really glad that we got there early, which meant that we were among the first to start, the first to finish, the first to get refreshments at the end, and the first to line up for the shuttles to go home. it sounds like those who got there later didn't have as positive of an experience as we did, sadly.

after the color run, we drove back to salem where we dipped our toes in the water (and washed some of the powder off of us) and got pizza at salem willows. then megan and marissa and i drove back to somerville for showers and naps. later in the evening, we went to dinner at pizzeria regina, then to an opening for our friend salty dave and then a birthday party at lizzie's. JAM PACKED SATURDAY, for serious. i was so exhausted after all of that excitement that i don't remember what i did on sunday. i probably slept and watched breaking bad? OMG BREAKING BAD. so good.

man, i really just love jesse pinkman.

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