17 August 2012

friday five

  1. have you ever considered that the term "first world problems" could be harmful? i hadn't before reading this.
  2. see the world through uncle karl's eyes!
  3. glitter polish is SUCH a pain in the buttski to remove, but brooke has found a solution that actually works. i still hesitate to soak my skin/nails in pure acetone, though. eep.
  4. for years i've been wishing that boston had a street style blog a la hel looks, the sartorialist, jak & jil, etc (and daydreaming about starting one HAHAHA because i have the time for that) and i recently came across bostonstreetstyle.com. it looks really well done. this street fashion blog called books and liquor is focused around harvard square style and is also pretty nice.
  5. kathleen hanna speaks about jailed russian feminist punk group pussy riot, who were believably/unbelievably found guilty and sentenced to at least two years in prison today.

1 comment:

  1. As someone who is NEVER Dressed2Impress, I love street fashion blogs. I feel that occasionally looking at them will make me somehow magically more stylish. :)