28 August 2012

accept some substititions (at least temporarily)

i've been lusting after a ysl muse handbag and rick owens wedges for longer than is appropriate, frankly. unfortunately, neither are in my budget at the moment.

in the meantime, i've found two pretty decent and inexpensive substitutions:

i have no idea about quality, except for the fact that it's pretty much a given that the "knock-offs" are nowhere near as well-made as the originals. neither of the "knock-offs" are even leather, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, they just won't last as long, but they might last a few seasons just the same.

let's be real - nothing compares to the originals, i know. it's a little like shotgunning a packet of splenda when you really want/NEED a spoonful of sugar. these are temporary solutions, but hey - this is what you have to do when you're trying to stop hemorrhaging money and refuse to use credit cards. one day, i will invest in the originals. it sounds sort of silly/shallow, but i do like the idea of "investment pieces". i mean, i guess it really is better to buy lasting pieces than it is to be in a cycle of buying cheap, throwaway items.

one interesting (to me, at least) thing i've found while hunting for substitutions like these is that it really makes me question why i want a particular item - is it because of the label/price/status (hahalajhsdlfkjas) or is it because i genuinely like the style of the item?

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