02 March 2015

100 Sales!

I just made my 100th Margravine sale on Etsy!

It's taken while to accomplish, but with the help of a nice little uptick in sales since Christmas, I've gotten there and it's pretty cool.

I'm notoriously terrible at self-promotion, but this milestone might be the boost I need to get myself in gear. I really hav eto get the Margravine website back up and running and post regular updates, as well as order some new business cards and maybe even look into some wholesale opportunities. I'm finding it really difficult right now to balance life & work, so anything beyond the day-to-day life-maintenance stuff just seems so huge and daunting. But I'm really hoping that a slight shift in my schedule and priorities might help to free up a little more time in my day for my little baby of a business.

Another nice thing that happened in the Margravine world is that a super nice customer wrote a lovely blog post featuring one of my scarves!

Melody looks so chic and stylish! It's always awesome to see your handmade stuff looking so great out in the wild.

Here are some new(ish) things that I've been working on lately:

Small pom-pom keychains

As well as large ones

And sweater chains made with some tiny pom poms fastened to clips

I love making new stuff and have some more ideas brewing. I'm going to Europe in a couple weeks (more on this soon), and I'm hoping my trip inspires me even more to create some exciting new things over the summer!

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