05 February 2013

Nest Egg

It seems as though every time I get a little chunk of money saved away, something happens and I have to fork it all over again. I want to mope and complain and whine about it, but I guess that's just life.

Anyway, I'm trying to save up for an upcoming trip and so I'm cutting waaaaaaaaay back on spending money. Shopping, daily coffee, lunches out, dinners out, hanging out - i'm putting it all on hold until May. I'm unsubscribing from daily emails from places like Fab and The Outnet until then. I'm even considering unsubscribing from Temptalia and suspending my RSS subscriptions to beauty blogs because they are a huge source of shopping temptation for me.

It kind of sucks because I was just thinking about how much I basically hibernate in the winter and how it felt like I hadn't really "Gone Out" in weeks, and now I'm voluntarily committing myself to being a homebody for the next 3.5 months. But that's okay! If you really want something, you have to sacrifice. It will all be worth it in the end! Plus a little financial discipline is never, ever a bad thing.

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