27 February 2013

Nails & PFW

I've been kind of lazy lately when it comes to my nails, opting for a couple quick coats of whatever I pluck out of my collection that does not offend me at that moment and then wearing that color until it chips. And then for like a week after.

The last compliment I received on my nail color was a couple weeks ago when I was at Ulta and the woman at the register was like "Ooooh, I like your nailpolish!" and I whipped my hand back into my bag before she could get too good a look because my nails were so, so chipped, and at a beauty store? How embarrassing. I was wearing Zoya's Luna, one of the polishes I got during their most recent 3 free bottles promotion and I took a photo of it on but I won't post it here because, god, my cuticles, you guys.

But it's a really pretty grey polish with silver glitter, and is way more interesting than just DIY-ing grey polish with silver glitter overlay, therefore unique enough to add to my collection. See how I can justify things like that? So easy.

So it's Paris Fashion Week again, and today Gareth Pugh showed another incredible collection, as usual. And I adore it, as usual. I'm just as fascinated with the nails the models wore as I am with the garments.

Source: @MACcosmetics

That is some marbley corpse gorgeousness, right there. MAC says that you can get the look with by mixing Nocturnelle Nail Lacquer & Frozen White Pigment, but I know I'd make a mess of that, so no.

Right now I am wearing one of my favorite polishes, OPI's Skull and Glossbones, which I love because it is both a beautiful color and easy to apply as well as remove. Maybe once this chips I'll get brave and un-lazy and try something interesting?

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