25 January 2013

Friday Five

Jeez, I'm really the worst at this blogging thing. I'm going to go ahead and blame the brutally cold weather we've been having and the fact that when not at work, I've pretty much been hiding under the covers.
  1. Beastie Boys toile wallpaper. I'm so happy this exists in the world.
  2. Mrs. Huxtable has a little chat about her purchases with the fine folks at Ameoba Music.
  3. Shetland ponies in cardigan sweaters. That's right - SHETLAND PONIES IN SWEATERS.
  4. Whenever I get sick and/or it's really cold out, I always want to eat bowl after bowl of Phở and especially spicy Tom Yum Soup. I found a recipe that doesn't look too difficult, so I may try making it on my own next time. The hardest part seems to be tracking down some of the more maybe-hard-to-find ingredients.
  5. I can't stop thinking about Maple Pepper Popcorn ever since Anna at doorsixteen.com posted about it. I really need to get some and try it.

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