04 January 2013

Friday Five

  1. This short(ish) film is a super fascinating peek inside the Hermes workshops. Attn: makers! You should definitely watch this. It's a good reminder to work hard at perfecting your craft and to be proud of your work (because it shows).
  2. Stats say Americans are eating a lot more yogurt. I definitely helped contribute to that uptick. (The chart is particularly interesting.) 
  3. Some trends to look for in 2013. I don't know about glow-in-the-dark makeup or heated scissors, but fuchsia lipstick sounds fun and I still think ombré hair is really pretty!
  4. I'm super obsessed with cosmetic oils this winter (as evidenced in my last post) and this post is a good breakdown of some of the different brands and varieties.
  5. “Toto’s ‘Africa’” by Ernest Hemingway.

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