15 November 2012

NYC weekend!

OMG so New York was amaazzzzzzzzinggggggg.

It's a full week later and I'm still having a hard time adjusting to real life after such a fantastic weekend. Don't you hate that? So bittersweet.

So, I took the train down to NYC last Thursday evening. After a good night's sleep, Fay and I got up, got some breakfast & coffee/tea, and went out shopping. I stupidly thought that the Noir Jewelry sample sale was LAST weekend not THIS weekend and so it made sense why the girl at the front desk seemed sort of perplexed when we popped out of the elevator. Errr... oops.

No worries! Instead we headed over to Opening Ceremony where I talked Fay into buying a really lovely Alexander Wang dress. She needed a new concert outfit! It was totally justified. Then we hit up Space.NK so I could get that Nuxe oil I've been yammering on about. After that, we had pre-Kpop-concert Korean (natch) lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?) on St. Mark's where I finally tried bibimbap (tofu!) and our waiter mixed it in front of me at our table for a hilariously and awkwardly long time. He was super nice and sort of adorable, though :)

And ohhhhhhhh the concert. It was SO, SO GOOD. I really have a thing for huge arena shows. They are so stupidly FUN, and I think that maybe BIGBANG has been the funnest one of all for me yet!

Pyrotechnics and backup dancers and blinged-out Segways and Korean popstars with giant angel wings flying over the audience? YES.

On Saturday, we slept in a little, then went to breakfast at Freemans on the LES. About halfway through our breakfast, I noticed a girl sit down next to us who looked really familiar. Turns out it as Amanda Seyfried. Pretty neat! Sometimes you forget that celebrities don't live in their own parallel universe on another planet somewhere.

After breakfast and armed with a fistful of cash from some friends (thanks again, guys!) we popped into a little pet shop and bought three bags of dog food, cat food (wet AND dry!) and dog toys and cat toys and walked them over to the Best Friends Animal Society supplies drive for pets affected by Superstorm Sandy. The sidewalk was LOADED with donated supplies and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

They're still looking for donations if you're interested! - http://volunteer.bestfriends.org/gettingstarted/hurricanesandy

After that, it was time for some shopping. We headed uptown where we made a stop at Ladurée. I FINALLY got myself an Othello candle, and it is just as heavenly perfect as I expected. A tea-scented black wax candle in a black ceramic jar with a gilded gold Ladurée emblem? They really should just rename it the Jenny. Oh, I also got macarons, of course!

We window shopped a bit and I tried on a hat at Barneys that I can't stop thinking about, but at $335 it's a little bit out of my budget at the moment.

Later in the evening we went out for sushi and sat near a group of people doing hilariously loud sake-bombs, then went and saw the new James Bond film in Times Square. I've never seen any of the Bond films, but I quite liked it! I might check out some of the other ones (with Daniel Craig, at least).

My 1:00PM train back to Boston didn't leave us much time on Sunday morning to do anything but get an early brunch. Next time I have to remember to book a slightly later train!

Huge, enormous, gigantic, bubbly hugs to Fay for being the best hostess/tourguide/concert buddy a girl could ask for!

So yea, post-awesome-weekend letdown is no joke. Luckily I have a few things to keep me busy, including custom Margravine orders and a baby shower this weekend. And then it's Thanksgiving! This year is flying by.

And finally, my NYC "haul" (obnoxious, I know).

Travel hairdryer that Fay picked up for me because I didn't want to carry down my beast of a hairdryer and apparently I am a princess!??! - BIGBANG crown light (EL OH EL we couldn't not) - Oribe Aprés Beach spray that Fay didn't like and gave to me (I love it!!) - Klorane travel sized dry shampoo - Gaga's Workshop @ Barneys NY tea that Fay picked up for me LAST CHRISTMAS (UM way too long in between visits!!!!!!) - Nuxe oil - Ladurée Macarons - Excessive BIGBANG crown light box (okay, I love it, I admit it, whatever, so sue me) - bottle of BLK water (they carry it at Duane Reade but it's nearly impossible to find here WTF) - and my Ladurée Othello Candle & its box :D

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