08 November 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012!

In just a couple of hours I will be on an Amtrak train headed down to NYC for the weekend and I can't wait! I'm going to visit my friend Fay, and tomorrow night, she and I will be attending the BIGBANG concert in Newark, NJ.

How excited am I?





I love a lot of ridiculous, showy, over-the-top things, so it's really no surprise that BIGBANG (and kpop in general) appeals to me.

Did you just watch that video? I hope so, because it is amazing. I am so happy that Fay introduced me to BIGBANG. Things have been kind of quiet with that other ridiculous pop group that I love shamelessly with my whole being and that shall remain nameless, so BB has been a nice bright spot in some otherwise dark days in my pop-loving heart.

They're only playing 2 dates in the US on this tour (LA and NYC) and I think both of them have sold out, so this is going to be quite an experience. I do love a giant arena pop show every now and again :)

Did I mention I'm SO EXCITED? Because I am!

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