13 September 2012

birthday bills

so, maybe it's news, probably not, but i kinda love bill kaulitz. kinda love as in i flew all the way to paris in 2010 just to see one of his concerts kinda love.

whatever, don't judge, it was awesome.

anyway, a bunch of friends and i went out to charlie's last friday night for my birthday and i somewhat jokingly mentioned beforehand that no one needed to bring me gifts, but i would accept diet cokes and hand drawn portraits of bill kaulitz.

what happens when you make a request like that to your friends, who also happen to collectively be super creative and talented and have an amazing sense of humor?


this is exactly what happens.

by marissa
the glittler "B" necklace kills me
collage by amy. original drawing by someone else.
by salim
by edward
by megan
more amazing glitter details
and of course the card opens up to a pop-up multi-bill glitter explosion with happy bday written in german ("alles gute zum geburtstag")
 in conclusion, i pretty much have the awesomest friends ever.

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