08 June 2012

friday five

  1. sea salt hair spray is such an awesome product and it seems as though it's becoming harder and harder to find. i used to use one made by john frieda, but sadly it's been discontinued. bumble and bumble makes one that will set you back $24, but you can make your own for cheap!
  2. i made this spinach soup the other night and it was so good. also looking forward to making these zucchini pizzas when the prolific squash crop gets going :)
  3. oh, hello new favorite thing ever.
  4. "karl lagerfeld's kitten has two maids a 600-page diary and refuses to eat on the floor" - well of course she does. oh, sweet choupette. (also, she now has her own twitter account?!)
  5. i need this book. dreaming about paris so much lately.

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