10 May 2012


wow - i really suck at updating! i don't even know why - i'm always thinking about stuff, i just never sit down and write about it. bleh.

i feel really all over the place lately and i'm trying to pull everything together into some sort of well-working system. so far, it's...um... not working. but! i've got some half-baked BIG goals that i'm flirting with, and so that's pretty exciting.

GOALS 2K12 (varying degrees of possible-ness)
  • the color run (already signed up)
  • the jimmy fund walk
  • host a eurovision party
  • visit friends in nyc (overdue)
  • host a fashion documentary viewing night
  • take a calligraphy class here http://www.theabbeystudio.com/
  • and maybe one here http://www.calligraphyboston.com/
  • expand the margravine line
  • new stationery project?
  • do a craft fair in a faraway land (oh my god $$$)
  • conquer the C25K program (i'm two workouts in! TWELVE workouts in!! [1 june 2012])
  • save money AKA stop spending money
  • move (probably 2K13)
  • not be a spinster (ugh)
  • do more personal art
  • eat out on at least 3 boston patios during the summer
  • figure out what to do with my hair
  • find some new music
i keep struggling between keeping goals/things to myself so that they are an awesome surprise accomplishment when i've completed them, and blabbing about everything so that i feel held accountable to complete them. it's a weird line to walk.

anyway, that list is in no way complete, but it feels good to write those things down. onward!

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  1. These are all awesome goals but I'm super extra excited about this one "move (probably 2K13)" yeaaaaaaaah! Live closer to me! ;)