16 December 2011

purple and gold

i'm kind of obsessed with the essie "luxeffects" collection right now. after searching several stores for it last night, i finally found a giant, untouched display of them at walgreens, of all places!
i instinctively grabbed a handful of bottles in my excitement, but then came to my senses and only purchased one ("as gold as it gets", on far left). i'm wearing it today over essie's "sexy divide"

and this is the result:

(sorry for the terrible looking nail situation. i'm working on rehabbing them at the moment.) it really doesn't look that great there and although it does look better in person, it's still not exactly what i had in mind when i decided i wanted gold over purple. so i need to just keep playing around with it.

i think i might pick up a bottle of "shine of the times" (second in from left) and give that one a try!

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