05 August 2011

clover lover

i'm pretty excited about this whole food truck thing that's happening in boston now. i know it's been going on quietly for awhile, but i guess now that the city has developed an application process, the movement has exploded. or whatever! it's awesome, that's all.

especially clover food lab. sarah and i had lunch at clover yesterday as well as breakfast this morning and both were AWESOME.

yesterday for lunch we both got an egg and eggplant sandwich, we split rosemary fries and each got a lavender lemonade. the whole thing only cost $17 for both of us. the food was AWE-SUM and you can't beat a deal like that.

we went back for breakfast this morning and got popovers and drinks.

again, super good and super cheap <3 dear clover: please stay at BUB! http://twitter.com/cloverBUB

1 comment:

  1. This place makes me want to eat the same thing, everyday for every meal, forever.

    Food trucks 4 ever!

    Delicious post.