18 July 2011

nyc weekend

my weekend in nyc was an incredibly fun whirlwind of friends, fashion, food and serendipity!

on friday afternoon, i got off the bus from boston and went straight to see harry potter with fay where i drank most of a giant cherry slushie. i didn't intend on getting one, it just happened! i thought hp 7 pt 2 was very good. i think i'd like to watch part 1 and part 2 back-to-back sometime.

after the movie, we met up with fay's coworkers for drinks. what started out as just "stopping by" turned into three bars and a 2am cab ride home.

on saturday am, we got starbucks, went to the post office, got some lemonade...

...and then met up with megan, ed, marissa, mary and dave and ate sandwiches in the park and then went to the metropolitan museum of art. the line for the alexander mcqueen exhibit was at least an hour and a half wait, but because that was one of the main reasons i went to nyc in the first place, i resigned myself to spending the afternoon waiting in line and fay and i bid goodbye to the rest of the group.

the moment everyone left us in line, a nice couple came over and pulled fay and i out of line, telling us that they had a museum membership and asking us if we wanted to go with them directly into the exhibit. UM, YES. YES WE WOULD, THANK YOU. so we skipped the line and spent that hour and a half in the exhibit instead of sweltering among the masses in line. we were so lucky!!

(the exhibit was incredible. i'll make a separate post about that later.)

after the museum, the 7 of us sat for awhile in central park by the boathouse, then went for pasta dinner at eataly where there seemed to be quite a wait for a table. at first they told us 45 min to an hour, but then they said "wait... are all seven of you here?" to which we replied "yes!". and so they led us up the stairs to a little, curtained, virtually private room with a giant table and an open, breezy window. UM, what luck!?!? the food was amazing and the company was perfect :)

after dinner, we walked a few blocks to get some gelato, natch.

i had biscotti + nutella OM NOM.

on sunday morning, fay and i went to the essex for brunch. the place was super loud (loud music and everyone yelling loudly over the loud music and each other. loud loud loud.) but the food was really good. i got eggs benedict with gravlax.

after brunch, we did some shopping including a stop at chanel where i picked up a bottle of "graphite" polish (yay!!!). in one of the shops, i fell in love with this t by alexander wang sweater. so perfect! my anonymous benefactor can feel free to drop that on my doorstep any time.

after walking around soho for awhile, we decided to go uptown and accidentally bumped into mary and marissa in the subway! we found out we were all going to the same area and so we hung out with them for a bit. we all went to kinokuniya where i found a book on how to make tiny amigurumi daschunds!!! unfortunately the directions were all in japanese :/

after finding amigurumi dogs, we found some real ones!!

there was a tiny pekingese and he/she was SO CUTE OMG

after puppies, we stopped and got some delicious macarons. i got a blood orange & chocolate, and a lavender & honey. so good! (although not as good as ladurée, of course :))

and then it was time for me to head to penn station to catch the acela back to boston. i was advised by several friends to get a window seat on the right side of the train in the quiet car, so that's what i did.

it was such a great ride home and i don't know how i'll ever go back to riding the bus!


  1. A+ recap. Now post a pic of your nails in that color asap!

  2. I especially appreciate the side by side comparison of the fake and real doggehs! Also, NICE TO SEE YOU!!!

  3. I can't believe you bumped into M & M after brunch! That city is so huge.

    I love your blog and love your recaps. I can't wait to hear more about the AMcQ exhibit!