06 July 2011

current nailses!

currently on my nails: china glaze - "for audrey"

(sorry about my horrifyingly dry cuticles!)

it's a really pretty tiffany blue (hence the name!). i was hoping it would dry a little more green than it did, but then i realized that if it did, it would be pretty much identical to essie's "turquoise and caicos", which i already own! so a little more blue is good.

oh, hey! this person compared the two - http://thislittlefinger.blogspot.com/2010/05/essie-turquoise-and-caicos-vs-china.html - see what i mean?

it's been on my nails for 4 days now with only a tiny bit of normal chipping (i also used a sally hansen basecoat and seche vite topcoat). this is my first experience with china glaze and i would probably buy another bottle from them.


  1. Do MY nails! Im growing them and promise to stop biting!