13 May 2011

i have way too many things on my mind right now and it's a little overwhelming!

one of the things i've been thinking a lot about lately is how i eat. i decided to go vegan for the month of may and i only managed to do it for one week before i "messed up". that week was surprisingly easy and i felt really good, so i honestly can't say why i stopped, other than the fact that i'm lazy.

i just read this review by roger ebert of the film forks over knives and it made me feel ready to jump back into eating a vegan-ish diet again.

going forward, i think that i just have to accept the fact that, when it comes to eating, there won't be any concrete lines for me. when i make up rules for myself, i'm bound to break them. i don't think i'm one of those people that can say "okay, today i am vegan and that is it." because that sets myself up for failure, and then once i DO fail, i feel really bad about it and beat myself up over it and then eat TERRIBLY because i feel so bad and then i realize what i'm doing and want to stop and then the cycle starts all over again.

i think i'll be able to do this if i just am MORE MINDFUL of what i eat. that's the most important part, i think. that one week of strict veganism was a very good lesson for me because i had to constantly think about what i was eating, and that isn't something i always do.

i really want to break myself from being "addicted to fat, salt, sugar and corn syrup", as ebert says. i'm sick of feeling tired and headache-y and laden-down and just generally not well.

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