25 January 2011

white lies - ritual

i've been listening to ritual, the new album by white lies, non-stop for the past couple of days and i really, really like it.

it's probably the first album in a long time that i've warmed up to within the first two songs. it seems like it's been taking me longer and longer to get to love new music than it used to. even when i instantly fall in love with a new song by a new (to me) band/artist and then listen to the rest of their album, it sometimes takes me a few plays to catch on.

i discovered white lies a couple of years ago on a music sharing blog and something about their sound appealed to me. their first album to lose my life... is great, but i feel like ritual has a little more, idk, strength. um, clearly talking about music is not my strong point.


some of their lyrics and song titles have religious undertones, but i can't seem to find any evidence that they're actually some weird, jesus-y band masquerading as a hip, neo-darkwave, post-joy division influenced band. i don't even know what that means. and no offense to anyone who practices, that's just one of my deal-breakers when it comes to music.

i only realized this morning that the singer's voice reminds me of blake schwarzenbach (jawbreaker/jets to brazil). i knew that there was something familiar about it, but all this time i've been unable to put my finger on it. it was bothering me, so i'm glad i finally figured that out!

my favorite tracks:

come down

and bigger than us especially because OMG THE VIDEO

that scene in e.t. still kills me!

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