05 November 2012

Well, hellooooo there, November

There is so much excitement going on this week! And it's spilling over into next!

First, we're having a Bazaar Bizarre Boston meeting this evening, where we will be discussing the nearly-final preparations for the big day - December 16th!

Then tomorrow is Election Day, as if I have to tell you. Are you sick of being bombarded with robocalls and political ads? I know I am. But I'm really excited to vote! I really love the act of voting.

On Thursday evening I am headed down to NYC to spend the weekend with my dear friend Fay. We are discussing the idea of going out on Friday and rounding up some supplies to donate to the Sandy relief effort, as there are a few locations close to Fay's apartment that are accepting donations.

Then on Friday evening, Fay and I are headed to NJ to see kpop megastars BIGBANG! Dyiinngggggg with excitement! More on this later.

Then Sunday is Miss Sarah's BDay (which I will sadly miss as I will be en route from NYC->BOS), and then Monday is my Mom's BDay!

PHEW! And we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving, yet. November, you are a nonstop thrill ride of a month.

Speaking of Superstorm Sandy relief efforts - this is the prize duo that Alison (sewmaryann) and I (Margravine) have donated to the Gather Here Raffle:

Again, all of the vital information about the raffle can be found at Gather Here's blog here and here.

I hope whoever wins our contribution will be very excited about their prize! :)

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