07 September 2012

fashion's night out boston 2012

last night was the annual international event fashion's night out.

i celebrated here in boston by walking around newbury street / copley mall / prudential center for a little bit with megan, sarah, and marissa, and showing some of my MARGRAVINE stuff at a pop-up shop at the copley society of art.

i was a little disappointed to see that a lot of the stores in the copley and prudential malls didn't seem to be celebrating this year like they did last year. last year we stumbled upon a lot of cool little treats - tiffany's had a photo booth and fancy chocolates topped with real gold, dior and many other shops had glasses of champagne, saks had lemony cocktails and pinkberry samples, a VIP lounge and a dj, but i didn't see any of those things this year. a couple of times i caught myself thinking "did i get the date wrong or something?". the only consistent thing i noticed this year was the fashion show in the center of the copley mall (with a special VIP only area), but i didn't have time to stick around for that.

i walked back over to the pop-up shop where i stayed until 9PM with my faux fur cowls and collars and chatted with people checking out all the local designers who had set up there.

i had a spot next to laura of pansy maiden, who, along with her incredibly well-made and gorgeous bags, kept me company for the duration! it was really crowded (and warm) until around 8:30, then everyone packed up promptly at 9 and that was that.

i didn't sell anything, sadly, but i did give out a few business cards and even signed up one gentleman for the bazaar bizarre boston mailing list via my iphone haha. an organizer's work is never done!

when i left, i had to carry a huge bag full of all my merch and display stuff. i didn't really feel like walking around and dodging the crowds on newbury street with my giant cargo, so i just went home.

all in all, it was much different from last year for lots of reasons, but still pretty fun. maybe next year i'll attend in NYC?

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