21 June 2012


it's officially summer! i'd like to enjoy this summer by doing as many things outdoors with friends as possible.

some ideas:
good patios in boston seem sort of hard to find, sadly. does anyone know of any other good ones? nice views, on a deck, not too pricey or douchey preferred.

dear friends, let's hang out outside and do awesome things!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. These sound like great plans! I want to do much of the same!
    Yes Tennis!
    Yes Bikes - Arboretum anyone?
    Yes Castle Island!
    Yes CCing day visit!

    Also - Outside brunch maybe? Find any of those in your dinner searches? I love brunch.

    Also also - a little hike somewhere out of the city maybe?

    1. they do brunch at sam's! ❤ brunch ❤

      where can we hike that isn't mt washington (yet!)? weren't you recently talking about some easier nh mountain?

  2. Count me in for Charlie's anytime! Castle Island! Everything!

    Atlantic Beer Garden seems a little O_O but maybe that's because I only really see it in full after-work-crowd force?

    1. ew yea that place didn't seem quite like what i want. would "settle" for charlie's instead anytime!!